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Lip seals

for fire and heat protection. The lip seal is part of a fire protection concept for sealing of fire resistant building and construction sections. 

The seal consists of a coated glass fibre fabric, which is formed to a loop or 'lip' and, if necessary, coated with a self adhesive tape for easy and quick mounting. This seal allows a cost effective and easy design of door constructions in connection with the Rex fire protection board flaton-flex A resp. flaton VPG 12.

The lip seal offers reliable protection of door joints against first fire and heat load and is successfully used in

  • Fire doors
  • Data protection cabinets
  • Safes
  • Chemical storage cabinets
  • Safety cabinets
  • Hazardous materials cabinets
  • Document and deposit cabinets
  • Pressure container cabinets
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Good sealing effect at low counter pressure
  • Good adaption due to easy deformation
  • High compressibility allows larger building tolerances
  • Low thermal conduction due to a larger air cushion
  • High stability of shape under pressure force and temperature rise up to 600°C