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flaton-flex A

Intumescent material for fire- and heat-protection

flaton-flex A  is a highly flexible intumescent material for fire-protection applications that stays physically intact even at very small bending radius and therefore allows application in complicated geometries. In case of fire, it produces a heat insulating foam that fills joints, gaps and other vents and inhibits the passage of heat.

The start of expansion at app. 145 °C, a high expansion velocity and the high expansion volume make the difference to competing products.

flaton-flex A is halogen-, antimony-, silicone- and solvent-free.

  • Fire-resistant protection in joints, gaps and other vents in various components
  • Fields of application:
  • doors and gates
  • flaps
  • shelves and separating walls
  • security-, data- and electric control cabinets
  • wire ducts
  • ventilation flaps
  • etc.
Thickness 1,0 mm 1,5 mm 2,0 mm
Mass per unit area 1,1 kg/m³ 1,5 kg/m³ 1,9 kg/m³
Start of expansion 145 °C
Foam depth @
30 min. 450 °C w/ load
13 up to 18,5 times
Expansion pressure at 300 °C 1,2 - 2,0 N/mm² 1,5 - 2,3 N/mm² 1,75 - 2,5 N/mm²
Fire Behaviour German Baustoffklasse B2 acc. to DIN 4102
Direction of action three dimensional

Through its compostion flaton-flex A has significant advantages against competition products in outdoor application.

  • it is aging resistant
  • water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • frost-defrost changing resistant