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flaton-flex EN

Intumescent material for fire- and heat-protection

flaton-flex EN is the latest development in our product range of intumescent materials. It is a highly flexible intumescent material based on exfoliated graphite. It expands building a foam under temperature providing a high expansion pressure. In case of fire, it generates a pressure-resistant, rugged foam.

In contrast to flaton-flex A, flaton-flex EN is produced without fibre glass layer.

Our flaton-flex EN ist approved by Approval Alteration and -amendment of the DiBT, Berlin approval No. Z-19.11-1713.

  • Fire resistant protection in joints, gaps and other openings in various components.
  • Applications:
  • Doors and gates
  • Flaps
  • Cabinet and separation walls
  • Safety-, data- and electric control cabinets
  • Wire ducts
  • Ventilation flaps
  • Fire-retarding tube sealings
  • etc.


1,5 mm

2,0 mm

Mass per unit area

1,5 kg/m³


Start of expansion

145 °C

Foam depth @

30 min 450°C w/ load

14 up to 18 times

Expansion pressure at 300°C

1,2 – 2,0 N/mm²

1,5 – 2,1 N/mm²

Fire behaviour

German Baustoffklasse B2 acc. to DIN 4102


Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin   Nr. Z-19.11-1713

Direction of action

 three dimensional


flaton-flex EN is halogen-, antimony-, silicone- and solvent-free.

flaton-flex EN is resistant against various chemicals and solvents.

Standard thickness: 2,0 mm. Also 1,5 mm available.
Delivery in sheets: 2000 x 1000 mm.
Delivery in rols of 15 m lenght at various widths.

Cuts according to customer drawings.

Pre-cut parts up to 2 m equipped with self-adhesive tape are possible.

No self-adhesive tape possible on rolls.