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Rex Friction an Sliding Products

The Rex friction materials are high performance fibre enforced resin compounds. We use long carbon, aramide and glass high tech fibres. The products stand out due to load cycle resistivity and endurance. These material characteristics allow the application not only as brake pads but as whole brake rotors with superior performance compared to aluminum. Furthermore, the material provided with specialized surface treatment is in use for slide bars. High wear resistance is achieved at temperatures up to 270°C.

Complex parts, including eg. internal or external gearing, are produced true to size maintaining standard engineering tolerances. The well-proven jacking of metal mounting parts can reduce assembly and bonding cost. Conventional multi-part assemblies can be simplified providing the same or better performance.

We are prepared to supply starting even at small quantities of specialized products. We provide engineering support during concept and design phase. At Rex we have a metal machining business unit which allows us to offer also assembly design and production.

Our products are free of ingredients that have to be notified following 2002/95/EG (RoHS) concerning the restriction of the usage of hazardous material. Our production is solvent free.

Your contact
Rafael Rutkowski
rr(at)rex-industrie-produkte.de Tel.: 07907 9620-35

Our products have proven to be successful in many applications:

  • Brake pads and blocks for spindle brakes in textile industry,
  • Brake rotors,
  • Holding and operation brakes in servo drives and magnet brakes,
  • Clutch linings,
  • combined parts consisting of friction and carrier components

The technical data given are approximate values and were derived by tests with standardized devices. We strongly recommend to perform tests under the conditions of your application. 

The materials listed are our standards. We offer to develop other materials if required for your application. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Friction coefficient

quasi static/


Working Temperature static¹ (°C) Application Data Sheet
R 529 0,35 qua.stat. 250 Holding brakes and clutches for general engineering R 529
R 535 0,35 qua.stat. 260 Drive clutches, driving and safety brakes R 535
R 560 0,29 qua.stat. 260 Sliding and guiding bars, sliding blocks,  slipping clutches, brakes R 560
R 675 0,50 qua.stat. 280 Brake pads R 675
R 681 0,47 qua.stat. 275 Stop brakes, drive brakes for general engineering R 681
R 686 0,25 qua.stat. 250 slipping and safety clutches, brakes R 686
R 702 0,43 qua.stat. 250

Stop and safety brakes, eg. electric drives

R 702
R 721 0,44 qua.stat. - Brake shoes, blocks and rings, eg. in textile machines  R 721
R 722 0,45 qua.stat. 225 Brake shoes, blocks and rings, eg. in textile machines R 722

R 724

0,42 qua.stat.  - Brake shoes, blocks and rings, eg. in textile machines R 724

R 725

0,40 qua.stat. 275 Holding and working brakes in electric drives, slipping and safety clutches R 725

R 726

0,42 stat. - Holding and working brakes in electric drives, complex functional parts R 726

R 727

0,37 stat. - Holding brakes in electric drives, complex functional parts R 727

R 728

0,37 stat. - Extractor brakes, holding and safety brakes R 728
R 900 0,27 qua.stat. 270 Complex functional parts, sliding bars R 900
R 910 0,34 qua.stat. - drive clutches, working and safety clutches in construction machines R 910


¹ Static operation temperature borne continuously. Short temperature peaks at braking operation may exceed significantly.

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