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Aluminium Tape

This pure aluminum tape consists of soft annealed aluminum film, one side coated with a solvent free, highly crosslinked pure acrylat adhesive.

The advantages of this adhesive are a high binding power, heat resistivity, shearing strength and very high durability.

The adhesive coated side is covered with a silicone-treated PE foil that has to be removed shortly before application.

The strength of this tape bond increases over time without ageing influence of the adhesive. The combination of aluminum and this optimized adhesive guarantees excellent bonding force even under adverse conditions.



Your contact
Carolin Hörner
cb(at)rex-industrie-produkte.de Tel.: 07907 9620-24
Andreas Wetzel
aw(at)rex-industrie-produkte.de Tel.: 07907 9620-26
Carrier Aluminum foil
Carrier Thickness 0,025 mm
Thickness w/o PE cover foil 0,065 mm
Cover foil PE-Foil, white
Tensile Strength (longitud.)         35 N / 25 mm
Breaking Elongation (longitud.) 2 – 3 %
Adhesive Pure Acrylate
Bonding Force > 10,0 nN/25 mm
Continuous -40 °C ... + 140 °C
Short time 180 °C
Flammability Classification non-combustible conform to DIN 4102 - class A2

Rolls of 100 Meter length

available width: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm