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Metal Sewing Thread Kevlar clad

The Rex metal sewing thread K consists of special steel core (material class 1.4841) and a Kevlar cover providing a good sewability. It is applicable wherever heat, sparks and/or aggresive chemicals occur.

  • Safety and security products
  • Protection clothes e.g. aprons, fire blankets, welding covers, decoration, curtains, heating mats, gloves and shoes
  • Hot air filters e.g. waste incineration, environmental technology
  • Engineering, vehicle construction
  • Further applications are foundries, steel-, aluminum-, glas smelters, 
  • electric-, electronic-, engineering and biulding construction industry
  • Furthermore in vehicle construction, fabric compensators, aircraft and shipbuilding industry, military application, ambulance, fire fighters, laboratories
Yarn strength: ca. dtex 2.000 x 1 resp. ca. Nm 5/1
Tensile strength: ca. 44 N

ca. 6-7 %


Heat resitance:

Thermal load up to ca. 1100 °C without mechanical stress

Thermal load up to ca. 600 °C with mechanical stress


The combination of steel core with Kevlar cover provides for extremely high strength.

Coils, length app. 2.000 meters