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Insulation System VM 17

High-temperature solid insulation

A mouldable high-temperature insulation is needed wherever hot gases or fluids have to be passed wihout interaction with the environment by means of pipes. The insulation system VM 17 by Rex is the optimal solution for this demand, proven in many applications.

Solid insulations are optimized for perfect heat and/or sound insulation. No tooling even for complicated parts is required because the material is applied manually. 

The insulation thickness may be chosen according to technical requirement. Recesses or flattenings may be applied wherever required. Single pieces or small series can be implemented cost-effectively and at short notice.

Main applications of solid insulations are:

  • Exhaust pipes
  • air leading pipes and housings
  • Manifolds and valves
  • any other hot parts in plant construction, vehicle-, engine- and ship-building

The solid insulation system VM 17 is based upon the mineral insulation material VM 17, which is a non-combustible class A1 material conform to DIN 4102. The material is applied on the piece to be insulated. After drying, a metal reinforced rex-thermoglas-fabric is applied using VM 17 binder. At flanges, connexions or bosses the fabric is fixed with metal straps. To protect the surface it is coated with high temperature varnish.