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Textile Insulations / Insulating jackets and Mattresses

Insulating jackets and mattresses are demountable multilayer insulation parts made of technical fabrics with incorporated insulating material. The different material layers are pre-cut and sewed.

According to individual requirements, insulation fabrics with or without coating or lamination are chosen. The insulation thickness depends on thermal insulation requirements and construction restrictions. Cut-outs are possible wherever needed.

Hooks, rotary swivels, snap-fasteners, straps or velcro®-strips may be used as fastening.

The insulation serves also as protection against contact and flying sparks. We are prepared to produce complicated shapes starting at low quantities.

German test reports covering "Prüfung des Brandverhaltens von Werkstoffen gemäß DIN 54 837: 2007-12 für den Einsatz in Schienenfahrzeugen des öffentlichen Personenverkehrs" (test conform to DIN 5510/2, 2009-05) are available.

International test reports available covering: „Testing for proof of R1/R7/R17 according to EN 45545-2 with Hazard Level HL3“ for insulation jackets in trains.