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3D Machined Parts - Production Tools

With its over 50 years of experience in metal machining, tool engineering and construction of manufacturing equipment, the former Technical Department of Rex is an established supplier of machined parts, tools and constructions today.

Our work flow is based upon a closed CAx data chain, starting with 3D or 2D construction data, deriving CNC control sequences with a CAM program and feeding this data to the production machines. We offer a broad range of machinery from standard lathes to state of the art 5-axis-machining, producing from simple turned parts up to complex 3D outlines using all common materials. We also design and produce welded assemblies up to complete special purpose manufacturing equipments.

Our offer:

  • Parts according to drawing, conventional or CNC
  • 3D machined parts according to data model (STEP or SolidWorks), drawing, sketch or sample
  • Processing of nearly all materials, eg. high-tensile and stainless steel
  • Volumes from single pieces up to mid-size series production
  • Common sheet metal working using steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • Welded constructions using all common welding technologies
  • Closed CAM-CAM-data-chain, data exchange using STEP or SolidWorks-compatible formats

We look forward to meeting your requirements, don't hesitate to contact us !

Your contact
Werner Flurer
wf(at)rex-industrie-produkte.de Tel.: 07907 9620-70

We are experienced in machining of ordinary steel, high strength and stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplast, duroplast and some more special materials. 

We produce welded assemblies up to ca. 1500 kg.

We are in close collaboration with companies that offer large component machining, laser- and water-jet-cutting, EDM (electrical discharge machining), annealing, plasma nitriding or surface coating. So we offer complex machining and processing sequences for your components as a one-stop-service for you

CNC Lathe Gildemeister CTX 400

Spindle aperture 65mm, turning length 600 mm, swing over bed 500 mm, max. turning-Ø 290 mm, discoidal parts up to Ø 400 mm, indexing, 12-fold tool changer, thereof 6 tools with drive, collet chuck feeder, three-jaw chuck, tailstock

NC Lathe WEMAS Hiturn 320/800

Spindle aperture 50 mm, turning length 800 mm, turning-Ø over bed 320 mm, 150 mm over cross slide, tailstock

Lathe with digital display

Spindle aperture 76 mm, turning length 1000 mm, swing over bed 430 mm, 267 mm over cross slide, tailstock, stationary support

Lathe with digital display

Spindle aperture 60 mm, turning length 3000 mm, swing over crank 800 mm x 200 mm, over bed 600 mm, over cross slice 390 mm, tailstock, stationary support

Manual Revolver Lathe 

Spindle aperture 45 mm, turning length 550 mm, swing over bed 310 mm, over cross slide 190 mm, jaw chuck

CNC Universal Milling Center DMG DMU 50 ecoline (5 axes)

X = 500 mm, Y = 450 mm, Z = 400 mm, ATC 30-fold, controlled swiveling and rotating table Ø 630 mm x 500 mm, automatic calliper

CNC Universal Milling Center DMG DMU 50T (3 + 2 Axes)

X = 500 mm, Y = 400 mm, Z = 400 mm, ATC 16-fold, manual swiveling and rotating table Ø 700 mm

CNC Universal Milling Center AWEA BM1460

X = 1400 mm, Y = 600 mm, Z = 700 mm, ATC 40-fold, automatic calliper

CNC Universal Milling Center MAHO MH 800 W (3 Axes)

X = 800 mm, Y = 500 mm, Z = 550 mm, fixed angle table, manual rotary head, horizontal spindle,  CNC indexing

Universal Milling Machine with Digital Display

X = 400 mm, Y = 200 mm (+ 550 mm manual), Z = 380 mm, universal table, universal indexing, vertical indexing head 

Console Milling Machine with Digital Display

X = 710 mm, Y = 230 mm, Z = 360 mm, swiveling table, vertical milling head, automatic feeder, universal indexing, CNC-indexing, vertical indexing

Surface Grinding Machine ELB SW 6

with magnet plate, X = 600 mm, Y = 300 mm, Z = 400 mm

Surface Grinding Machine ELB SWB 08

surface and plunge grinding machine

X = 800 mm, Y = 600 mm, Z = 300 mm,

with magnet plate 800 mm x 600 mm, with vacuum plate 800 mm x 600 mm


Support Grinder 

for inside and outside processing 

Support Belt Sander

for inside and outside processing of all materials

Hydraulic Press

60 kN, key groove width 3 mm to 20 mm in through holes

Plate Shear

Cutting performance 3,5 mm (St 37), cutting length 3000 mm

Trimming Press

Press capacity 800 kN, bendin length 3100 mm, several tools

Horizontal Balancing Machine

with electronic analog display, max. Ø 630 mm, max. length 800 mm, max. weight 40 kg,  symmetrical parts up to 80 kg.


WIG-welding, welding transformers

Oxygen fuel unit

Oxy-acetylen welding

Stud welding up to Ø 10 mm

CNC-Band Saw MEBA 260-AP

Span width round 260 mm, flat 260 mm x 300 mm,

Circular Saw

Pillar Drilling Machines

Bench Drilling Machines

Sandblasting Cabin for parts up to 400 mm length of the edge

Beld Sander

During and annealing oven

Hardness Testing Machine

Plasma Cutter

Needle writer und Elektrolyte writer for parts marking

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