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customised solutions for your requirements.

Our competent team develops solutions tailored to your needs and supports you throughout the entire development process with many years of know-how in friction- and sliding applications.

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Production from start to finish
in Germany

From development to production: All our products are “Made in Germany”.

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High-performance materials from REX

Heavily stressed materials must be continuously further developed. This is what we do, simultaneously taking into account the growing challenges of the industry, the progress of technology and the dynamic requirements of the markets. We increase your economic efficiency by going innovative ways.

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In which area
should your product be used?
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e. g. brake with predominantly dynamic application, where friction work is performed

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e. g. brake with predominantly static application, where no friction work is performed

i i

e. g. coupling/clutch for continuous slip operation (e.g. balancing of different rotational speeds)

i i

e. g. coupling/clutch for overload protection and for power transmission (e.g. balancing of different rotational speeds)

Environmental conditions
i i

encapsulated systems with constant operating conditions (20-40°C) without external influences

i i

slightly fluctuating ambient conditions (20-100°C), low influence of dust or humidity

i i

e. g. highly fluctuating or extreme ambient conditions (-40°C – 200°C), permanent heavy contact with liquids, dirt or dust

Raw material
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Raw material for processing directly at your premises – for flexible and individualised processing

2D contour
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in cut version, for fast and cost-effective tests or for flexible design of your series supply

3D moulded part
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Manufacturing of complex and precise 3D geometries with best mechanical properties

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We know that high-quality industrial products are subject to special challenges. For this reason, our engineers work day in, day out to support your projects efficiently and successfully.

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Maximilian Sennewald

Division Manager
Friction and gliding linings

+49 7907 9620-72

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IHK research award winner and 30 years of practical experience

The award of the IHK Research Transfer Prize for rotors with sensor technology highlights the expertise of the Friction and sliding linings department. Also, over 30 years of practical experience in the development of materials and the construction of tools demonstrates the high level and expertise that characterise the REX friction and sliding materials team.

Thanks to its special expertise in the development and manufacture of thermoset-based composite fibre materials, REX is able to produce particularly durable industrial friction and sliding linings that are characterised by high strength, low weight and long service life for brakes, clutches and special applications. – Engineered For Life.

REX accompanies your project from the sample phase through the production of prototypes to series introduction and support. Not only do we use our own standard materials, but we also develop custom materials for your project.

We do all this to not only provide you with the perfect product tailored to your needs, but also to provide you with the best possible service.