Servo brake in production lines
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REX supplies the core components for one of the largest propulsion technology manufacturers in Europe. Rex’s extensive experience with its in-house products enable it to master complex and unique challenges and act as a reliable industry partner.


The brake rotors were developed in close collaboration with REX to enable high positioning accuracy to meet stringent manufacturing tolerances and demanding technical requirements – all this at low cost and with a long service life.


The difficulty lies in optimising adapted manufacturing processes and tolerances at the highest industry level. The friction linings used must withstand a large number of cycles without losing their accuracy.

In order to develop the perfectly specialised material for the given requirements together, the friction and sliding materials team was in close communication with the customer and shared and refined its complex expertise.
Assembly planning
To ensure that the servo brakes meet the given quality requirements, the experts of the division acquired in-depth know-how of the manufacturing processes.
The result
The overall optimisation of the brake through the inserted REX components enables a new level of precision and thus increases the effectiveness and quality of the production equipment.
Project summary

The performance increases achieved by the optimised friction linings of the servo brake are so convincing that it is now in series production. Nevertheless, the system is being continuously developed together with REX in order to achieve cutting-edge technology performance. The development and manufacturing process was audited in accordance with the VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) standard.

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