hansgrohe shower head
Flowing functionality for steadfast quality

As one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary engineering products, our customer places the highest value on comfort features and the functionality of its end products. These are values with which Rex identifies. The material know-how of REXengineers enables large-scale series production of in-house products.


REX’s task was to replace an existing component in order to improve the locking of the swivel shower head. This involved both optimising the stepless mobility of the swivel arm and increasing its durability in the long term.


Within a very tight deadline, a brake pad had to be developed and manufactured that would fit the already existing dimensions of the shower head, but still ensure better functionality. The small dimensions of the required component posed a further challenge and led to the development of REX’s smallest brake pad to date.

Material planning
A complex material selection was made in order to meet the specific properties and dimensioning. This ensured the full functionality of the holding system despite its small size.
Assembly planning
REX produced a suitable sample to be tested by the customer. This enabled the improved function to be verified.
The result
By replacing the existing material with the specially manufactured REX product, the optimisation of the overall design was achieved in conjunction with the extremely fast series production of the developed tool.
Project summary

The result is an assembly that meets the highest comfort requirements thanks to its infinitely variable adjustment options and has received various certifications and quality approvals. Furthermore, the development of the specially designed tool and the customised manufacturing process ensured the production of the friction lining in a short period of time. The overall process of series production is undergoing continuous optimisation.

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