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Sustainable highs for the future

REX contributes to efficient and sustainable energy generation by developing and producing extremely robust and high-performance friction and sliding materials for wind turbine actuators.


The development and production of particularly safe, durable and low-maintenance friction and sliding linings that are nevertheless very cost-efficient in their production. Furthermore, the individual parts had to adapt in size to the dimensions of a 200-metre-high wind turbine without losing their stability.


The components of wind turbines have to withstand extremely high load requirements and a wide variety of weather conditions. These sustainable energy converters are positioned using azimuth drives, which must withstand high loads and maintain stringent safety requirements while enabling energy-efficient operation.

REX worked closely with its production partners in order to perfectly match the friction materials to the product requirements. The customer supplied the required specification, which was used to develop and manufacture the high-performance materials. 
In the final step, the individual friction elements were manufactured at REX and subsequently installed on the support system. The final assembly was performed by the customer.
The result
The wind turbines built in offshore wind farms withstand the extreme conditions of their environment in such a way as to keep maintenance and servicing of these turbines to a minimum. This not only ensures particularly efficient use, but also makes an important contribution to the energy transition.
Project summary

The reliable and solution-oriented cooperation with our industrial partner enabled the complex and ongoing development and production of customised high-performance materials. Thanks to their behaviour, these lay the foundation for clean and sustainable energy generation – all in the spirit of the energy transition and a green future.

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