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Aiming high – but still safe

259 metres high, the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt am Main is the tallest high-rise building in the European Union. The skyscraper not only serves as the bank's central location, but also houses important works of art that are protected by Litaflex-Vario joint elements in case of fire.

Monument of sports history

The 171,000 m2 soccer stadium in Munich represents one of the most impressive sports structures in Germany and confronted its designers with substantial challenges. Overcoming these challenges, diverse joint filling products from REX were used in its construction, thus ensuring the safety of over 75,000 visitors in the event of a fire.
Olkiluotto nuclear power plant in Finland

REX all the way to the west coast of Finland

Hardly any other place is subject to such extreme safety and quality requirements as nuclear power plants. At the Olkiluotto nuclear power plant on the west coast of Finland, REX's Litaflex SM 30 is used as a joint filling element and thus meets these very requirements.