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Ship & locomotive engines

Insulating sleeves in use

Reliable and customised protection for mega industrial motors whose power moves thousands of tons every day. Even for the large dimensions that ship and locomotive engines take on, our custom insulating sleeves increase efficiency and protect against high heat every day. 
MTU Friedrichshafen

First-class drive and energy solutions – supported by REX

MTU stands for the reliable and comprehensive supply and maintenance of highly efficient gas and diesel motors. REX's insulating sleeves for exhaust gas exchangers support heat recovery and play an important role in their performance. 
Mercedes-Benz insulating sleeves for engine test benches

Higher energy efficiency at the highest level

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world's most successful automotive entrepreneurs. This position is achieved only by making the highest demands on in-house materials. Based on many years of experience, REX meets these requirements and contributes to the higher energy efficiency of complex plants.