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At REX, a broad product portfolio goes hand in hand with a large repertoire of manufacturing technologies. REX is in close partnership with spinning mills that deploy different and sometimes unique spinning processes. After selecting the right fibrous material, they are spun according to the specific desired properties. This spun yarn can be twisted with stainless steel, copper or brass threads in further processing and thus acquires high mechanical strength when exposed to heat.

REX offers you almost all textile fabrics for use under extreme conditions with woven fabrics, felts and narrow textiles.

Various wide fabrics up to a width of 2000 mm are in REX’s production repertoire. In addition to the basic weave types plain weave, twill weave and satin weave, REX also offers derived weave types to meet customer requirements.

Of course, REX’s product portfolio also includes needle felts, which often find their application in the field of protective equipment. These are bonded by a special needle felting process through fibre-to-fibre adhesion, without the use of organic binders.

Another major step in textile production is finishing. In this process, the surfaces are functionalised by various mechanical finishes, dip finishes, coatings and lamination.

Each individual step in the processing of the various technical textiles adds specific product properties that serve to develop the individual product solution.

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Build on almost 70 years of experience

Competence from experience. Benefit from the profound expertise that has been gained at REX over many decades.

High-performance materials from REX

Materials with special requirements are in a constant state of change. Every day we take into account the growing challenges of the industry, the advancement of technology and dynamic markets. REX is constantly finding new ways to respond to these circumstances to ensure ever-increasing efficiency.

Innovation from tradition. Since 1955.

For almost 70 years, we have been synonymous with the manufacture of the highest quality industrial products sold worldwide, as well as the continuous development of innovative customer- and application-specific special solutions.

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