Fire helmet
Keeping cool with REX

The technical textiles experts worked closely with the clothing manufacturer to develop a neck guard for firefighters’ helmets that provides reliable protection against radiant heat even under extreme conditions.


In order to protect the firefighters during their dangerous work, a suitable material had to be found that could withstand strong radiant heat without melting. Furthermore, the material developed for the neck guard should have flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties that provide reliable protection even in extreme conditions.


The difficulty in this project was developing a material that would remain flexible and fracture-free under extreme radiant and convective heat and not restrict the wearer’s movements.

Thanks to the experience gained from industrial heat protection and with lively exchanges with experienced firefighters, the right material for the helmet's neck protection was found.
Planning Implementation
The technical textiles division was able to draw on decades of experience in the field of heavy heat protection for industry, steel mills and foundries when planning and developing the neck protection.
The result
The result of elaborate and precise planning is a flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and non-melting neck guard for firefighters' helmets that retains its flexibility and resistance to breakage even under extreme stress.
Project summary

To provide the best application-specific quality, we draw on all resources available to REX, internal and external. This has allowed the technical textiles team to benefit from know-how gained in industrial applications and to draw on the application-specific experience of firefighters. This fruitful collaboration has resulted in the development of a high-conductivity fabric that reliably protects firefighters from burns and other injuries while performing their vocation.

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